MOVIE REVIEW:Tempting Fate

This movie not only blew my mind but it is highly inspirational!
A mother on her dying bed tells her older son to make sure he cares for his younger brother after her demise.
The boys  as adults Ugo (Ramsey Nouah) and Chinedu (Andrew Onochie).The brothers are opposite in nature as the elder brother took a life of a crime to save his brother  while his brother Chinedu  often called 'Edu' is a church boy (very religious).He also has a girlfriend Tracy(Tiffany Denise Turner) who comes around to help the guys prepare food and loves him genuinely too.
Edu's cancer is the  major reason Ugo is a member of gang that engage in robbery and hard drugs and Scorpio being the leader of the gang .He doesn't want Ugo to leave and always tempts him with offers he cannot resist and with the health condition of his brother  it was easy for him to concur.
After one of Ugo's deal on behalf of Scorpio ,the police trailed Ugo home got the drugs and money and arrested his brother Edu who was home as Ugo had escaped.This landed Edu in jail and even when his brother wanted to suffer for his own crime he took the jail term for him.
A lot of things happened while Edu was in jail,An unplanned one night stand happened between Tracy  Edu's fiancee and Ugo that resulted in pregnancy.
By the time Edu was out he felt  heart broken but some years after he was able to find out the truth from Tracy,A revelation that changed his relationship with his brother Ugo and also made bad boy Ugo  turn a new leaf and planned to leave his life of crime.
The last robbery he sold out to Irvin(John Vogel)the police officer who intercepted the gang and resulted in a shoot out that eventually left Ugo dead !
I don't think i can find  faults with this movie now .Acting,sound effects,cinematography plot, even the songs used and the soundtrack will  touch your soul to confess your sins (trust me LOL)storyline brilliant!I have seen Nigerians shoot movies abroad and yet they still do not give you a wow factor but they nailed it in Tempting Fate.(Gbosa for cast and crew:thumbs up)

The shoot out with the police,The gang and their business partners and many other combats scene is BRILLIANT!Same goes for other scenes too.Props,Setting ,Acting,Everyone put up wonderful skills. which is VERY GOOD.
Tempting Fate movie has a mixture of all sorts Inspiration,Faith,Action,Romance,Love,Forgiveness .I wrote down a lot of inspirational quotes while watching  one of them include "Feelings brings down fear ,Truth restores hope,God will always Vindicate you"(It might not be the exact words but i know i try hehehheeheehe)
The movie is worth your time and money!My rating FANTASTIC!
It is Produced by Kevin Nkem Nwankwor.

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